The Family Reunion Planner: 4 Simple Steps for the Perfect Reunion

Spring break is just around the corner, and your family has decided that this spring is the perfect time for a family reunion. You’re looking forward to having everyone together and enjoying time together, but when you think about all of the logistics involved in a family reunion, you feel a little overwhelmed.

When planning the perfect family reunion, it helps to stay organized. Our family reunion planner will help you prepare for the party and keep track of the details while you plan. And as you plan the reunion to perfection, your family will remember this event as the best family get-together in years! Read more below.

Step #1: Consult Together

Families can get a bit complicated, especially if someone feels that their opinion wasn’t heard. You can eliminate a lot of the drama by talking with each member of the family long before you plan out the details. Ask some of these questions:

  • What dates are best for your family to get together?
  • What would you like to do during the family reunion? Are there any activities that you and your family can’t do?
  • What accommodations would be best for your family?
  • How much money would you be willing to give to the family reunion budget?

Of course, people in your extended family will have different priorities: some will have a bigger budget than others. Some will want more adventurous activities than others. You may need to make some tough calls later in your planning, but talking to everyone first ensures that they feel included and gives them a chance to make their opinions and needs known.

As you plan further, recognize that you may not be able to please everyone in every situation. But do your best to consider everyone’s needs and interests in your planning. You want this reunion to be one of the best your family has ever had, and allowing everyone to give their input in the beginning is a critical aspect of the party’s success.

Step #2: Book Locations

After you’ve talked to everyone, you need to nail down dates, locations, and activities. You’ll want to go somewhere warm this spring break, and a location like Phoenix, AZ or a similar area is the perfect place for a family reunion. Send out invitations that include the dates of the reunion, the location, and lodging options. (Some families like staying in a hotel during the reunion while others may enjoy camping together.)

As you book the hotel or campground, remember to book taxis from the airport as well. Minivan taxis can shuttle large family groups from the airport to the family reunion site, and moving together will help you save money and stay within your budget.

If your family decides to enjoy a couple of activities together or a dinner at a restaurant or two during the reunion, remember to call and make reservations long beforehand. Spring break is a busy time for most warm-weather locations, so you should make reservations early. Book group taxis to shuttle your family from activity to activity.

Step #3: Gather the Cash

You probably don’t have the money to fund a vacation for every member of your extended family. Most of your family members will be more than happy to pitch in and help pay for activities, lodging, and food, as long as you ask politely and have used your budget well.

Many family reunions take place around one family’s home. But if you are throwing your reunion around one particular location, be careful that that family doesn’t have to fit the bill. You don’t want one family to pay for all of the food and lodging for everyone else, so make sure that everyone pitches in their fair share.

Collect this money early in the process. In fact, immediately after you make your reservations and know how much food, lodging, activities, and transportation will cost, you should let others in your family know so they can pitch in.

Remember, just because you’re the organizer doesn’t mean that you have to fund the entire reunion. Let others help-as long as you’ve been communicative, honest, and open, your relatives should be happy to hand over their part of the reunion fee.

Step #4: Don’t Forget the Memories

One of the most important aspects of any family reunion is the memories. Make time to remember together. Ask grandma and grandpa to share some stories about when they were first married. Have nieces and nephews share their favorite memories from growing up. Create time to laugh together and to remember good times and bad. Remembering together will help your family bond.

And don’t forget to take pictures! People want to remember a good family reunion, so arrange for at least one group photo. You may want to create a Facebook group or some other kind of online venue so that family members can share photos.

Your family reunion will be fun, relaxing, and bonding, especially if you plan ahead and prepare for it. Get started today. Talk with your family and begin by making reservations with your taxi company and others. Enjoy your spring break together!