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Many travel companies offer a discount to people who travel in groups. The larger the party, the easier it is to reduce the per-person cost of the trip.

When you share your rooms, food, and other resources, you can split the costs without sacrificing the quality of your vacation.

At Yellow Cab, we can help you save even more money with our mini-vans and 15 passenger taxi vans in Phoenix, AZ.

Rather than splitting your group and driving in separate cabs, you can carpool together for additional savings.

The More the Merrier

When you’re traveling with a large group, it can sometimes be difficult to find adequate transportation.

If you travel separately, you may have to use two or three rental cars to accommodate everyone and their luggage.

You’ll rack up extra miles for the same distance, and you’ll have to deal with multiple rental agreements.

However, if you choose Yellow Cab taxi vans in Phoenix, AZ, you can easily cut the number of vehicles in half.

Our mini-vans and 15 passenger vans have plenty of room for large groups, and our street rates for taxi vans are the same as the rates for our regular taxi cabs.

When you travel in our taxi vans, you’ll be able to transport more people for less. We have a Taxi Fare Estimator, which makes it easy to anticipate how much your trip will cost.

When you split the cost between all passengers, the rate becomes very affordable for each person.

Book Your Taxi Van

Yellow Cab has a large fleet of vehicles so we’re ready to drive you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

By booking your transportation in advance, you can specifically ask for a taxi van for your large group.

Call us at 480-888-8888 or download our free app to schedule a pickup.

* Please note: when requesting a Mini Van there is an additional surcharge of $10.00 on top of the normal fare.

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