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$1.50 per mile

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Our app is easy to use and very user friendly. Just choose your start and end location, select the car you like and in just a few minutes we’ll be at your doorstep.

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Easy Taxi Booking – Our app is so simple to use, it only takes a few clicks to get a ride to your house in minutes.


Check Rates In Real-Time – See how much your fare will cost before the yellow cab arrives at your location. No hidden fees.


Calculate Trip Mileage – Find out how many mileage your trip will be with our app. This allows you to plan ahead and get to your destination on time.

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yellow cab testimonials

We got hosed by the rental companies at the gateway airport. Chris took us, his cab was clean, great conversationalist, and safely got us to our hotel. No complaints. I'd use them again.

Steve F.

Lives in: Scottsdale Arizona
Amazing service and very inexpensive. My driver was the kindest gentleman ever. He waited for me to get my luggage as I was about 5 minutes over the set time but did not charge me extra. We got to the airport on time for $30 from Utopia Rd and 32nd street. I even gave him a $5 tip.

Mark M.

Lives in: Phoenix Arizona
The ride itself was just the kind I like - quiet, I did my phone calls after a long plane trip, windows open to let in the fresh air since it was a nice day. Credit card machine worked, I didn't get any guff for using a card instead of cash, he handled my bags with respect, service with a smile.

Janet K

Lives in: Phoenix Arizona
AMAZING service. Took a couple of their cabs while here on vacation with friends. Great drivers, great driving, just great experiences.

John D.

Lives in: Mesa Arizona