Taxis Saving Lives: 3 Ways Taxis Serve Us

When most people think of taxis, they think of them as a convenient service. Taxi drivers transport people where they need to go and get paid in return. But have you thought about the ways taxi drivers help their communities?

Taxis are important-sometimes indispensable-to modern living. Here are a few ways they make our world a better place.

1. They Provide Medical Transport
Fortunately, many medical service providers and insurance agencies contract through taxi companies. Taxi drivers come to patients’ homes and offer rides to their medical appointments. These rides are covered by the patients’ insurance or by other programs or organizations.

Without this medical transport, many patients would not have a way to get to their medical appointments. Taxi companies help make this service possible.

2. They Decrease Emissions
Would you be surprised to learn that taxis can be an environmentally friendly transport option? There are several reasons why. First, almost all Yellow Cab taxis are now Hybrid cars and taking a taxi helps you drive your car less. People who take taxis typically also take public transportation for part of their ride to work. Taking public transportation decreases their overall carbon footprint.

Also, many people who ride in taxis ride-share. Just think of the environmental impact if three people took a taxi together rather than each person driving his or her own car

3. They Provide Transportation During Emergencies
Taxi drivers helped out after the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001 in New York City. Right after the attacks, taxi drivers volunteered to transport emergency responders and volunteers to treat victims at the site. For weeks after the tragedy, some taxi drivers volunteered to transport victims’ family members, police officers, and others throughout the city. They did so free of charge, despite the financial struggles of doing so.

After the terrorist attacks in Paris in November 2015, many people were stranded and unable to leave the city. Paris Metro lines were closed and transportation was scarce. Fortunately, taxi drivers began transporting people-for free-to safer locations.

People stranded in the city tweeted using #PorteOuverte to find shelter and rides. People used #PorteOuverte to alert people to safe areas and invite stranded people to stay in their homes. Taxi drivers used #PorteOuverte to find people who needed transportation to these safe areas. With the help of taxi drivers, people found a way to reach safety.

Yellow Cab Taxis have a program called “COP” that means Cab On Patrol, Yellow Cab drivers are always patrolling the city and reporting unusual activities to police. They are always watching out for you.

Next time you take a taxi to the airport, to a work meeting, or to a night on the town, remember that taxis are so much more than a business. They are also a crucial and helpful part of our communities.