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Mobile Knowledge Corp. is pleased to announce that it has entered into agreements with AAA Yellow Cab Co. of Phoenix, Arizona, to provide its flagship Cabmate dispatch call center application and GPS-enabled Series 2008 Mobile Data Terminals for AAA Yellow’s more than 700 vehicles.With over 25 years of service, AAA Yellow Cab Full Transportation is the largest ground transportation provider in the state of Arizona, offering taxis/cabs, sedans, limousines, buses, and medical transport vehicles.

The company was first established in the Phoenix metropolitan area and has since branched out to Tucson and other larger rural cities throughout the state.An early adopter of GPS-based dispatch, AAA Yellow has extensive knowledge and experience leveraging technology to optimize its operational efficiencies, respond to the needs of its extensive account client list, and to service its members.

This upgrade to the Mobile Knowledge Cabmate dispatch solution reinforces the Company’s philosophy of continuous improvement that has distinguished AAA Yellow within the markets that it operates.“We have achieved a significant level of expertise and comfort in the integration of various technologies into our operations, and have selected Mobile Knowledge on the basis of its strong reputation as a cooperative and open business partner.

With this upgrade we will be interfacing not only our own back-office applications, but third party applications as well, to achieve a tailor-made solution to our requirements,” explains Van Means, Director of AAA Yellow.One of the many priorities for the project is to provide passengers with an advanced credit card processing facility.

This will be delivered via the “Payment Revolution” offering, a joint initiative between Mobile Knowledge and Creative Mobile Technologies (CMT). This extension to the conventional in-vehicle equipment includes a passenger facing, PCI certified, point of sale device with integrated color touch screen, card swipe, and Tap&Go for quick and convenient cashless payment at the end of a trip.

Tightly coupled with the Mobile Knowledge dispatch system, the CMT Payment Gateway provides unparalleled speed and the best interchange rates available to the taxi industry today.“Mobile Knowledge has been extremely fortunate to work with some of the largest and most successful fleets in North America, and we are very pleased to add AAA Yellow to the esteemed Cabmate user community.

The opportunity to engage with AAA Yellow to enhance its already world class operation is a true honor, and we look forward to forging a long term partnership with this marquis client,” adds Kevin French, President of Mobile Knowledge Corp.

The Cabmate Release 14 call center application contains sophisticated business logic that allows ground transportation providers to offer exceptional levels of service to their passengers and members alike. Built upon the powerful and highly reliable UNIX operating system, Cabmate drives many of the largest fleet operations across North America.

An important feature of Cabmate is the ability to serve as a centralized call center, permitting fleet operators to extend their dispatch services to other markets, maximizing economies of scale and return on investment.

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Mobile Knowledge uses GPS and wireless communications technology to deliver advanced mobile data solutions for commercial taxi, limousine and transit applications. Building on global customer relationships and over 30 years of experience in the for-hire dispatch market, Mobile Knowledge offers a highly flexible product suite to help fleet management businesses improve their productivity and generate new revenue streams. Through comprehensive system design, implementation, training, and support services, Mobile Knowledge ensures seamless integration and maximum return on investment for its customers. For further information, please visit us on the web at